Bengal Studs
Tests Results:
PD-def negative, PRA_b negative, HCM normal.
Personal characteristics:
Milo is our 15 pounds "teddy bear" stud.
He immediately impressed us by his magnificent appearance!
This is a large boy with a strong body and steel muscles. He has beautiful green eyes and a noble profile. He has brilliant glittered coat and brightly recognized shape. This guy is very energetic and ready for fruitful love! He passes his beauty to his wonderful offspring!

Leva of Bimini
Tests Results: PK-def negative, PRA_b negative
Personal characteristics: We consider it is a great success to have this boy in our cattery!
Is it caused by combination of the best breed characteristics? His is just ideal!
This is a very elegant boy with an ancient muscular body. He looks like a real leopard! He has a splendid courageous profile, flattened ears, and an accurate form of the head. He has garbage black flexible circuits with great rich in the center, and short silk-fiber hair. His fur has an amazing laser. Leva does not have rib bars.
The cat is very active, fast and very charm! He is our "monkey".
Tests Results:
PK-def negative by parentage, PRA-b negative by parentage
Personal characteristics:
Python is simply stunning Bengal boy. He was born in our cattery and we was not able to resist his exceptional beauty.
Python has huge pancake shapes outlined rosettes against a clear base coat. He has expressive eyes, small ears, a good profile and deep finish to his chin.
Python has a very sweet and loving temperament. We expect that he will passes on both his "wild leopard look" and his personality to his kittens.
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