Reserve a kitten or
Join Waiting list for the coming litters

In order to Reserve a kitten or join our Waiting list for the coming litters, you need to fill out Waiting list or Sale agreement and put deposit towards the full payment. We don't hold kittens without signed contract and deposit (applied toward full payment).
Information About Our Bengal & Abyssinian Cats
BIMINI cattery and all our Bengals are TICA registered.
Our Abyssinian cats are registered with CFA.
We sell top quality pure breed Bengal and Abyssinian cats
By Top Quality we mean our 3 main priorities:
Exceptional Quality
Our breeding Cats are carefully selected according to the specific criteria among the most beautiful bloodlines of the world. We pay attention for every details such as color, rosettes, wild look, head, profile, body, tail, pedigree, etc. Most of our cats have been imported from Europe and Canada!
Precautions are taken to ensure the best possible health to our cat as well as their future kittens. Genetic DNA tests and HCM screening are of the highest importance but are unfortunately often overlooked among some breeders because they are expensive.
All our breeding cats negative for:
UC Davis Genetic Lab DNA tests FiV/FeLV , PK-Deficiency, PRA-b
HCM (heart problems) screened by animal cardiologist
Our kittens have been socializing from an early age.
Our kittens grow up with our kids and filled with love and are petted at any time of the day!
Usually, our kittens are ready to leave at the age of 10 to12 w.o. or when we ensure that they are healthy, litter box trained, their immune system is strong and they are well socialized.
Prices of our high quality cats and kittens:
The price of our cats and kittens varies from the color, markings and quality according to the TICA & CFA breed's standards. Our kittens can be adopted as high-end pets or breeders
(for established and serious breeders only)
Spotted Bengal kittens:
Marble Bengal kittens:
Abyssinian kittens:
Retired Adult Bengal cats:
Retired Adult Abyssinian cats:
Reservation of your Kitten
A deposit allows you to reserve the kitten that you want, to make sure that he won't be sold to anyone else. The amount of the deposit will be reduced from the final payment. Deposits are not refundable but in some cases maybe transferable for the next litter.
We accept payment by:
- cash, check (must be clear by the bank)
- bank wires (15$ fees for International wires)
- VENMO transfers (for USA only)
- PayPal (+4% additional fee using this payment method)
Personal checks & PayPal are not accepted for balance payment.
The final amount must be paid 3 days prior the departure of your kitten in case of shipping.
We ship our kittens all over the country but prefer personal pick-up.
The transport costs are at the expenses of the purchaser. Any comfort stop in case of the weather or any other reason is also at the expenses of the buyer.
Contact us:
Phone: +1 (917) 407-8959
Brooklyn, New York, 11235