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The Aby, as he's nicknamed, is unlike any other cat. They considered as a smartest domestic cat breed. We started our Abyssinian breeding program in 2009 and from our many years of experience with this unique breed we absolutely agree with this statement. They are smart, silly, and impressively athletic, Aby stays in constant motion—jumping, climbing, and exploring. The confident and alert Abyssinian is thought to be one of the oldest cat breeds. Although he resembles a small African wildcat, he's a domestic feline through and through. The six- to 10-pound, not vocal cat stands out for his ticked coat and "puma like" appearance.
The intelligent, curious Aby is highly active, athletic and diligently supervising whatever it is that you're doing. This is a happy cat who's sometimes called the Aby-silly-an because of his playful nature. Abyssinian are ideal breeds to learn basic obedience and master tricks using clicker training.
Nicknamed the "Runway models of the feline world, the Abyssinian is blessed with a long, lean, muscular body on long, lean legs. The Aby wows admirers with its large, expressive almond-shaped eyes, oversized pointed ears, and its eye-catching coat. Their thick, dense shorthaired coats require very little brushing and they rarely need baths.
As described in the Abyssinian Breeders International Kitten Buyer's Guide by Carolyn Osier,
"Abyssinians must be one of the most intelligent animals ever created." This handbook for the potential Aby owner describes these cats as a cat that likes to be with people, a cat that wants to know what you are doing – that wants to help. There is probably no breed anywhere more loyal than the Aby. Once you have acquired an Aby as a companion, you will never be able to complain that no one understands you. Abys are very good at training people to do just what they want them to do. IT IS LIKE A MAGIC, ONCE ATTACHED WITH ABYSSINIAN, YOU WILL NEVER SWITCH TO THE OTHER BREED"
5 main characteristics of Abyssinian cats
In addition to the fact that the Abyssinian cat is a rare and elite breed, it is also the oldest breed of cats in the world! Her ancestor is considered to be a wild African cat, which used to live on the lands of Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). At the beginning of the 20th century, an Abyssinian cat appeared in the USA and immediately became loved. Breeders of these cats rightly believe that the graceful Abyssinian combines in his appearance and character the best feline qualities. They are smart, well developed physically, have interesting colors and just a great appearance! They have an elongated, lean and muscular body with harmonious proportions, long paws with small oval pads. The most important decoration of the Abyssinian breed is the unique texture and color of the fur. If you take one hair from the wool of this animal, you will see on it a lot of light and dark stripes. Abyssinian cats are obligedto their remote relatives - wild spotty pumas
All the owners emphasize the natural mind and wit of the Abyssinians. They have the talent to adjust to the order in the house and the habits of the owners. Abyssinian cat will not wake you up at night with a loud "Meow!", because this is one of the most non-mating rocks. These animals give voice very rarely and only on special occasions. They just prefer not to mew loudly, but to quietly hum with a sweet melodious voice. Cats are intelligent, they are very difficult to get mad. Many owners note that they never saw the released claws of their pet! And also these animals give in to training and perfectly understand the orders.
Of all the cat breeds, the Abyssinian is probably the most active! They jump ahead of everyone, climb above all and play most willingly. Nothing can escape from the attention of this intelligent and inquisitive cat, so its stay in the house can be infinitely interesting for both of you! Are you passionate about something? Be assured, the Abyssinian will show the liveliest interest to this.
These cats adapt easily and quickly in a new place, they can be brought home at any age. And in any case, it will be good if you can provide enough attention. It is very important to bring up a cat literally from birth, so it's better to take kittens from literate breeders who initially socialize the animal. A very active and playful Abyssinian cat is perfect for families with children and pets. There are even cases of close friendship between Abyssinians and ferrets, and even large parrots! Its character is very independent, but the Abyssinian is strongly attached to the master and can follow him literally everywhere, and in separation they truly miss. Do you want someone to wait at home? The Abyssinian cat can! It will become your most faithful and loyal friend.
It is easy to care for Abyssinians. There is no need to read special literature. Once a week, comb it with hair to remove dead hair and a more even distribution of sebum. The list of hygiene procedures also includes weekly brushing of teeth and clipping of claws. And that's all! Abyssinian cats are unpretentious and have good health. Thanks to their agility, they remain light and graceful until old age.