SHALIMAR Queen-of-Sheba
AKA Dior
Genetic Tests results: PKDef negative, PRA negative
Personal characteristics:
Dior is a great example of the gorgeous traditional Abyssinian breed type. She is our rudy treasure with a big and prominent green/gold eyes. She is very lovable and luppy, gentle and elegant girl with queen's posture. Dior is a great mom and her kittens are always capture her beauty.
Alisa of BIMINI
Genetic Tests results: PKDef negative, PRA negative
Personal characteristics
Alisa our new addition to Abyssinian breeding program. She is a gorgeous red/sorrel girl with very bright gold eyes. Alisa has very rich red color with high glittering. She is very elegant and gentle girl with "baby's" personality. She is in love with everybody.
Viola of Bimini
Viola is gorgeous and elegant rudy Abyssinian girl with Queen's personality.
She has lean muscular body with shiny reach color coat. Her eyes just munificent and unresistant.
She is very playful and lovable girl. She has everything!!
Hayat Luna
Personal characteristic:
Luna is very affectionate girl with the most outgoing personality, perfect body and gorgeous coat.
This beauty has everything to produce magnificent kittens.